Commercial solar

Whether your business is looking to save money, reduce its carbon footprint or secure its future energy supply, Commercial Solar Power UK ltd provides expert commercial solar installations with proven high yielding solar panels.

The majority of a business premises electricity use is during the day which is why companies can significantly save money on their electricity bills. What’s more, solar panels have no moving parts, so ongoing maintenance costs are minimal. High users of generated electricity can benefit the most. Even
small commercial operations with lower energy use can still see huge energy cost savings.

One of the biggest reasons for making the decision to install solar is to become less dependent on the grid and financial gain.

Generating your own solar energy will achieve a significantly reduced carbon footprint. It may give you a competitive edge over peers who are exposed to rising electricity prices – not to mention that some of our customers have won contracts based on their green credentials. Generating solar energy for your business gives you free electricity and zero carbon emissions which results.



Adding renewable energy to your EasyGrid is an excellent way of further reducing your fuel costs and emissions. Solar is the most popular upgrade option on the EasyGrid range and gives a reliable input when sized and positioned correctly. Our team can help with determining the correct solar array size for your needs and each unit has detail on the sizing options that work to optimise your power for peak loads. Each solar panel kit & extension packs comes complete with panels, cables and connectors for your project. Please ask for prices and we can include this with your quotation.



All EasyGrid systems have an upgrade option that allows owners to integrate a wind turbine as part of their renewable power input either at time of order or retrospectively. Whilst solar arrays are a good source of renewable power, wind turbines can also deliver valuable additional energy. Solar power can produce great results when the sun is shining but that may be only for a few hours a day, particularly in the UK. A wind turbine, whilst it may not be as powerful, can be producing power at any point during the course of 24 hours. By integrating this additional renewable source, further reductions in generator run time, emissions and running costs can be achieved.



HEMS (Hybrid Energy Management System). This advanced option helps optimise the delivery of power to a site and gives specific, in depth efficiency controls as to how loads are managed on site. The system still gives access to the VRM online portal but offers additional features including:
• Load shedding
• Improved energy storage
• Improved battery management
• Sophisticated quiet time settings
• Intelligent renewable energy management
• Detailed monitoring and data collection including emissions savings
• Multiple outlets on the hybrid unit which can be used and independently controlled.
• Light / rain / temperature sensors can be used to control power to certain sockets
• Shedding of non-critical loads to keep total consumption low.
• Intelligent generator starting via multiple start/stop parameters
• Sophisticated quiet time settings

These additional features can be particularly useful for cost savings,emissions reductions, sustainability improvements and reporting.




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