Off Grid solar power systems

We are the UK’s leading supplier of off grid power systems supplying high quality hybrid power systems to residential and commercial customers across the UK and internationally for whom connection to the grid is not a viable option.

Our range of off grid solutions includes EasyGrid – a plug and play hybrid solution for homes and businesses looking for a straightforward, affordable way to generate their own power; VariPower – a variable speed generator hybrid power system, and Containerised systems – robust, semi bespoke systems ideal for isolated projects.

We work with off grid power for a variety of sectors including Residential, Farming, Construction, Commercial, Leisure, Glamping, Broadcast, Monitoring, Humanitarian Aid, Utilities and Telecoms.

EasyGrid – hybrid off grid power unit
SiteGrid – hybrid power system
Containerised System – semi bespoke hybrid power
VariPower – Variable Speed Hybrid Generator


living off grid is a lifestyle choice for some, but an economical necessity for many. Even in the UK the grid does not reach everywhere – and getting it extended to reach your dream property can be a surprisingly expensive proposition.

EasyGrid Lithium Hybrid Power Units for Sustainable 24/7 Electricity

Our EasyGrid range offers a sustainable and efficient alternative to using a diesel generator alone in off grid or remote locations. From construction sites to rural homes they can deliver power as needed.

The EasyGrid unit connects to a generator, and renewables if available, storing energy in it’s battery bank until needed. When power requirements are low – silent, emission free electricity is supplied from the battery bank, allowing more cost efficient use of the generator. The generator now only needs to run when the loads are high or the batteries need to be topped up.

The EasyGrid range features five capacities each one utilising lithium batteries for the battery bank. Lithium batteries have numerous advantages over traditional batteries – they are faster to charge, offer a longer life expectancy and deliver greater power capacity from a lighter unit – which can be a huge benefit in remote locations.

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