Solar pv systems

Ground-mounted installations are another option to consider in the process of your commercial project. For businesses desperate for the benefits of commercial solar but have restricted roof space, a ground mounted install could be an ideal solution. Ground-mounted solar PV is perfect for farms, or businesses with a substantial amount of land where you’ve got the flexibility to expand on your PV panels in the future if you would like and their just as easy to remove if need be.

Commercial rooftop solar panels are more reliant on the angle of your roof and fundamentally need a south-facing roof to ensure you get maximum efficiency out of your solar. Where as with ground-mounted solar, we can often accommodate your panels to face south for complete productivity.

As any commercial business looking to achieve more and reflect this to their existing customers and potential customers, having solar as an added asset shows the type of company you are. Not just that but, it also encourages the public to do their bit for the environment as well in the cycle to create a greener community for everyone involved.

Solar panels need to be installed carefully by professionals who have a great deal of knowledge and experience in the industry. Ensuring your installation goes smoothly and the roof is not damaged means using trusted and experienced solar installers with a good reputation.


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